Me & what I’m thinking today

So what are women thinking these days?  Who knows?  I only know what I think of life, society, the world.  So these will be the musings and sometime ramblings of me.  I hope something I have to say strikes a cord with someone.  Good, bad or indifferent, it is the thoughts and feelings we share or disagree about that makes life interesting.

 I guess, knowing something about me would help.  I am a 40ish divorced female.  I have two wonderful and not so wonderful boys – 15 & 17.  They live in another state with their dad, but are close enough for me to easily see them.  I work full time for a company that I am not too fond of, but doing a job that I like and I’m pretty good at.  I have an  ex-boyfriend that I still love desperately.  Another one of those complicated relationships that seem to pop up more and more often.  But that is a whole other rant – not against him, but against the whole male/female situation.  I have a best friend whom I love dearly, who drives me crazy and while completely unreliable, will always be there for the big stuff.  And I have my dog, a little sweetheart, who is my baby girl.

 I am an eternal optimist and a hopeless romantic.  I am not naïve, but I do still believe in the overall goodness of mankind.  I just think we may have lost our way, lost touch with who we really are and what we really mean to each other.  I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I try hard.  And I deal everyday with being Bipolar.  Again, a whole other story, but one that I would like to tell in the hopes of reaching someone else and preventing them from having to experience what I have had to.

And there is that awful feeling of being alone, being surrounded by lots of people who care about you, but still feeling alone.   How many other women out there feel the same way?  With all of the pressures and expectations we face today, where does that leave us feeling?


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