The importance of passion

Lately I have begun to really understand the true importance of passion in our lives.  The many levels, many forms of passion.  (in no particular order)

The passion we have to have for life.  If you think about what life is without some reason to exist, something that makes us wake up in the morning – that is a life without passion.

The passion of the world around us.  Just think for a moment how amazing it is that we exist, that a flower is the color it is, the heights that our technology has reached.  It is mindboggleling and must be revered with all the awe we can muster.

The passion we have for our jobs – I'm learning this one because I am the process of starting my own business.   I finally feel the passion that I have always searched for in my work life.

The passion we have for our children, our family and our friends – the older I become the more I understand how much we need these people and how passionate we have to be about keeping them close to us and making sure they know how very much they mean to us.  Life without these people is lonely existence.

The passion we have with our spouses or significant others – having been in both situations and by observing others.  I am finally starting to understand that passion is not just about the physical reaction we may have to these people.  Not that the physical passion is not important, it is, a caring, satisfying physical relationship can be the base to build an intimacy and closeness that will support a solid partnership. But it also about the passion the partnership itself.  The passion we develop for our supporter, our confidante, our lover and our best friend. 

And how different our lives are when those family, friends, spouses or significant others are no longer a part of our lives.   When that passion is no longer glowing and lighting our way through life.

A life lived without passion is a life not worth living.  It is a slow walk through the fright-filled swamp that is a life with no meaning, no direction.

So today, go out and celebrate your passion.  Tell someone you love them.  Bask in the sun that shines on your face.  Hug a child or a pet.   Gaze upon the face of those you love and commit them to memory for the day they are no longer here.  Love, live and laugh.

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