One of the most valuable gifts we are given in this life is the gift of friendship.   My mother taught me that lesson.   Her theory was there were no strangers, only friends we had not made yet.  Growing up in a military family, it was vital lesson to learn.  New places and new experiences forced us to always be open the experience of new friends.
As I become a more mature woman, the more I understand what my mother meant about the value of our friends.  They are our guiding stars, our therapists, our encouragement and our strength.  They are the ones who are not afraid to tell us when we are wrong and our are biggest cheerleaders when we are right.
They understand our joys, our heartaches, our insecurities, what makes us laugh and what makes us cry.
And we are the same for them.  This is what makes us friends.  This is what makes them invaluable in our lives. 
So embrace those friends, hold them as close to you as you can and don't let them go.  Celebrate them and celebrate the relationship you have with them.  It is a cherished gift.

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