Curve balls

So what do you do when life throws you several curve balls at one time.  The last several months have been one new pitch after another and all of them have been been right across the plate sliders and curves.  I'm to the point that I want to stop swinging and just strike out.   Don't ask me where the baseball analogies are coming from.  Especially since I am more of a football girl, but I think you get the idea. 
I'm getting dizzy trying to figure out which direction to look to keep things from falling on my head and knocking my knees out from underneath me. 
It has made me start to wonder about just how much emotional upheaval a person can take before they break. What determines that?  Is is in our DNA, our upbringing or just something else?  Can it be changed through sheer determination?  I wish I knew or that someone could tell me.  I live everyday with the realities of being bi-polar and have to wonder if that plays a role in just how much it would take to break me.  I do know what it feels like to break.  To feel that you are at the bottom of a very deep, dark hole and not to know how to climb out.  Does anyone else feel that way just before they know that they can't handle any more?
I've watched friends come through events and situations that would make some people shudder.  Yet, they seem to find their way through it with grace and dignity, never seeming to come close to cracking.  I envy them.
So how do we know just how much we can take until we get to a point that we can not take anymore?  It seems to be the only way to find out just where our breaking point is.  There has to be a better way.  Now how do I find it and can I juggle the balls that are being thrown at me in the meantime.  Or am I am going to get hit in the head with a fast ball?

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