If you look down on the right side of my page, you will see a link to 43 Things.  I was just playing on the internet and came across this site.  The concept is that you can write yourself up to 43 goals.  They can be as minor or as major as you want.  The fun part is that you can also set "how are you doing" reminders.  You can also see other people who are working on the same goals you are and comments they have made on their progress. 

With all of the changes, transitions and turmoil my life has been through lately, it was cleansing to sit for that 1/2 hour thinking about some of the things I want to accomplish.  I only have 17 things on my list right now, but each day I think of something new that I know I should add. 

Why did 43 things appeal to me?  Because it puts my goals out there.  In a unique way it makes them public and in a strange way, it makes them feel more real.  I have always had these goals and have never really seemed to be able to make much progress accomplishing them.  Now, I have to deal with the knowledge that if I don't work on these goals, I won't be able to mark them off my list.  I don't know why having them posted makes them more real.  I can't begin to explain why they feel that way.  I only know that they do and that makes me happy.  They have become something solid, not the abstracts "I'll get around to it" that have floated in my mind for all of these years. 

Now, I just have to make myself continue to make progress on those goals.  I have set some pretty aggressive personal goals and deadlines.  Now to move forward.

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