Finding old friends

I took on what I thought would be time-consuming, rather dull project.   I volunteered to help my alumni rep find my high school classmates – Go Trojans – Zama High School, 1983
But I am so excited! It has been time consuming, but I am tracking them down one at a time.  The other night, for the first time in 25 years, I talked to a boy (I guess, he is man now) that I had a crush on in high school.  It was so wonderful to catch up and to find out that he is happily married and living a really great life. 
The other people I have been able to catch up with have been just as thrilled to hear from me as I am to find them. 
This is so exciting!

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  1. Ok Gloria when you catch up with the rest of the best class at Zama, you gotta encourage them to get on facebook. I'll jump over there and set up a group real quick so we can sit around and relive old memories and fill in the gaps since Zama.Jeff


  2. Ok!! My year book lists the old addresses of my classmates. For our 10 year, we actually wrote to the old addresses where many of the parents, or siblings still lived. They would pass the information along, or respond and tell us where to find them. Of course, since this was the High School I attended in Philadelphia for two years, many of the responses were to let us know that the person had been killed within a 10 year period. Wonder why my parents took me out of the Philadelphia school system?


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