The promise of a bright day

The promise of a bright day
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I took this photo on my way into work on Jan 3rd. There was something about the sky that morning that said this would be not only a good day, but a good year. So each day, I look at this picture and remember the promise that morning held. It has changed my attitude when I could not imagine that things would ever be better.
The promise delivered by the sunlight coming through those clouds that morning convinced me that my life will change for the better. In this first week of this new year, I've also learned this day, this year, this life, this promise will not come about without an effort, a push, a solid knowledge and belief that only I can make these things happen. It is my attitude, my desire, my passion and my ambition that will make this a better year. That I will reach my goals and have my desires. So on I go with the promise this sunrise brought and making each day begin with that same promising future.

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