Would you please help our military?

I am proud to be able to call Trish Forant who runs eMail our Military a friend.  She is an amazing woman who gives so much of herself to support all of our troops. I've included a link (below) of an interview with Trish.   I'm sending everyone this email for another purpose though.  eMail Our Military is currently running a fundraiser to send skin and sun care products to our troops in the Middle East.  These are items that are sorely lacking and not only are desperately needed with the Middle Eastern climate, but are some of those little things that help make their tours away from home more bearable.  Another wonderful woman, Nancy Sutherland, a Mary Kay Director is supporting this effort by supplying the products and is matching every care package purchased with another care package.  I am asking all of you to make any donation you can towards this very important cause.   I am including the link to "Honor Courage eMail", the official blog of eMail our Military.  I encourage you to scroll back through the blog entries to learn more about this project, but alot of the other amazing things that this organization is doing.  As you will see, I have also made a contribution to the giveaway for the project.  I am donating some of my original photographs to the prize pool. 


So, please pass up tomorrow morning's coffee stop and send what you would have spent to eMail Our Military and get these urgently needed products to our troops. Send whatever you can, every $1 gets us closer to taking care of our troops.   I will also throw in my own incentive, for everyone of you who donates and lets me know that you did, I will also send you a signed, framed copy of the same photograph I donated to eMail Our Military or any other photograph from my flag collection. 

Thank you for being the warm, wonderful giving people I know all of you are!  Please also help spread the word by sending this on to the people you know who have the same big hearts that you all do!


Here is the link to the interview with Trish – http://solutionsarepower.com/2008/the-power-of-e-mail-an-interview-with-trish-forant-of-emailourmilitarycom/

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It is an individual and curious quest that sends us each on our path to finding inspiration.  Yet once found, it opens a world that few would have imagined previously.  We all know that somewhere inside of us we have unique abilities, talents, skills, whatever you chose to call them.  I've recently come to believe that it is discovering what truly inspires us that leads us to uncovering those hidden abilities.   I know that there are many different things that inspire me on a daily basis sometimes as simple as a sunny day, a smile on my kids faces or a tweet from one of my friends/mentors/educators on Twitter.  The list goes on and on and at the moment that they pass my consciousness they mark themselves as sparks to be remembered.  My problem is that I forget and become complacent, failing to act on the sparks of inspiration that wind themselves through my daily life.  

In exploring the directions I want my life to take, I am realizing that I really need to start paying more attention to the things that inspire me.   That the failure to follow the occasional flights of fancy that make me sit up and take notice is becoming a roadblock on the pathway to my dreams.  I need to learn to put more faith in inspiration to guide me in taking the correct fork in the road that will lead to the center of my passions.  So that now is my mission – follow my instincts, discover my inspiration and follow them both to my passion.  It will not be an easy road, changing old bad habits never is, but it is one that I hope will make my life an inspiration to others.  And isn't that what life should be about, bringing joy, inspiration and light to others?   What inspires you?  And how can you use it to improve the vision and focus on your passion and dreams?

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limbo –

The dictionary defines limbo as

an intermediate, transitional, or midway state or place.


a place or state of imprisonment or confinement.


The question then becomes how many of us and how often we feel we are in limbo.  That feeling of not knowing where you are going, which direction is the right one.  That place where we have imprisoned ourselves in our heads, unable to move on from this transitional place because we can’t sort out the thoughts racing through our minds or ebbing and tiding with each heartbeat.  


I know I am definitely one of those people who sometimes finds it easy to lose her way.   Who finds a temporary home in limbo. In that place where confusion reigns and dissatisfaction is the prevailing emotion.  When work seems to be stuck in a rut – not advancing, no longer caring or being passionate about what you do.  When you unconsciously push away those closest to you because you just don’t have the energy to deal with anyone.  When your romantic relationship seems to be on hold and you can’t tell if it is going backwards or forwards or anywhere at all.  That time when the most satisfying thing is to lie on the couch.  But I am also one of the fortunate ones.  Those wonderful people that I try to shut out because I just don’t want to deal with life.  They stand by me.  They pull me up when I don’t want to get off the couch; they hold me up when I don’t have the energy.  And then there are the loves of my life, my passions, my desires, all of those people and things who, at even the most lackadaisical of my times, are always at the back of mind.  Always there patiently waiting, as they drift through my thoughts, the remembrance of the beauty and light there past the fog. 


My limbo is primarily in the winter.  The short days and cold grey skies push me into an even greyer funk.  But as the theory of limbo promises it is just transitional.  Spring does come.  The green does return and with the promise

of all life can be.  Each extra hour of daylight, each new sprouting flower and leaf on the tree, they rouse my soul.  The clean warm air gently blowing and clearing the tangled cobwebs of thought from my head. And the promise of new tomorrows places me back on a path full of adventure and joy for life.   I can once again embrace the day to day, the amazing people in my life and a fresh vision. 


I also know that limbo will return.  It is not a stationary place or condition.  It slides in and out of my perspective.  Occasionally even returning in the middle of my favorite sunny summer days.  I can only rely on the knowledge that this mental detention is just that, a temporary detention.  And like the naughty child held after school for talking in class, my detention will end and I will be out on the playground with the rest of kids soon.   So for all of us, the challenge becomes developing an attitude that allows our personal limbos to only be that transitional state and not a permanent confinement or imprisonment. How ready am I to face that challenge?  How ready are you?

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