What is your One Thing?

First of all, to all of you who previously read GloKay’s Blog, welcome back.   To those of you who are new, please feel free to go purusing through some of my prior thoughts, musings, observations and rants. Hopefully they will entertain you.  I know I have been away for a long time, but I am very happy to finally have found my “voice” again.  I also want to send thanks out to a very dear friend, JJ Reich for some of the inspiration to go seeking my “voice” again.

I started this morning with a tweet asking “Stop & think back on this week. What was the 1 truly good thing you did for your business & the 1 truly good thing you did for yourself?”   I posed the question to others because it was one that I had asked myself just last night.  Too often we forget to stop and think about whether or not we are doing truly good things for our businesses and ourselves.  We get caught up in going through the motions and redundancies of life.  We don’t stop to consider whether those motions are forward movement or even productive stillness.

In looking back over my own week, I realized that the one truly good thing I did for my business was to stop and honestly evaluate my commitment.  I discovered in this self-reflection things that I did not really want to admit to myself.  Taking an honest look at my goals and dreams in comparision to the commitment demonstrated by my actions, or more accurately my inactions, was not one of the warm fuzzy moments of my week.  What it was, however, was liberating.  When I admitted these inadequacies to myself, I found the strength and re-dedication to move past this point and take steps forward.   With all of that said, I have to give a tremendous amount of credit to JJ for his post, “It’s the Pursuit of Our Goals That Shapes Our Lives“.  JJ’s willingess to be so open and honest with his own self-discovery and experiences started my own wheels spinning.  Thanks JJ.
As often happens when you open your mind and start examining yourself, you find other things that give you pause.  Out of this additional self-reflection, came the one good thing I have done for myself this week.  I gave my heart a good “cleaning out”.  Removing alot of dead weight, cleaning out cobwebs and making room for whatever possibilities decide to present themselves in my future.  This was a long overdue “not quite spring” sprucing up of the capability I have to empathize, sympathize, examine, care and, hopefully one day, love again.

So I enter the weekend and the week ahead with a new perspective, a new commitment and an open heart.  Who says spring is not here yet?