Why Gloria Bell NEEDS to go to Online Media Boot Camp

“Customers and prospects searching the Internet for products, services-and conversation-and the world of marketing has changed forever. Your company, brand and industry are being discussed online… Are you prepared?”  From Online Media Boot Camp

As the owner of Red Stapler Consulting, I work daily with clients who have an online presence (as well as having one of my own).  The mission of my business is to help my clients be more successful and profitable.  The only way for me to succeed in this mission is to be prepared with support, advice and most importantly – knowledge.  The world of social media and online marketing has evolved to a “must-have” for any business person determined to succeed.   This is why I NEED to attend Online Media Boot Camp.  Not only will the knowledge I acquire from the talented and brilliant speakers prepare me to assist my clients, but it will provide me the insights necessary to run and market my business’ online presence better.

Why do I deserve to win a free ticket to Online Media Boot Camp?   My passion for social media is probably the biggest reason.  I have the firm belief that we can and will change the world in multiple ways through the voices that social media and online marketing allow us to spread.  We are continuously redefining how business is done and how we communicate and the most important ways these changes occur are online .  Since becoming involved in social media, I have thrown myself into learning as much as possible and to being as active in the communities as possible.  This is evidenced by my work with Social Media Club, Indy Hall, Geeks Who Give, Twestival, Philly Startup Leaders and just generally being a “loud voice” on Twitter.  Why do I deserve to win the free ticket? Because I can promise that what I learn at Boot Camp will be put to good use as I continue to be a social media evangelist.

While I see this a a must attend event, being a boot-strapped start-up, a free ticket would be a HUGE bonus in allowing me to avail myself of the information and knowledge that will be presented.  I would definitely attend and since fortunately since it is a local event, transportation costs are not an issue.

Thanks to Beth Harte & Li Evans for bringing such an important and timely event to our wonderful city!  And Thanks to all of the speakers – Shashi Bellamkonda, Valeria Maltoni and Mack Collier for being willing to share of their wisdom!

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