Remember the fallen. Freedom isn’t free.

There are thousands of men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  They have given their lives to make sure that those they loved could live in freedom.  We who have shared the rigors and joys of military life live(d) every day with the knowledge that those we cared for could be taken from us. Sometimes they were.  While Memorial Day is a lovely thought.  A day for us all to remember the sacrificesFlag made by not only those who have served, but by their families, their loved ones, their friends, their communities.  The reality is that Memorial Day should be EVERY DAY!   Every day, we should take a moment to remember those who have sacrificed for us.  Whatever our politics, whether or not we believe that the cause is right or just, we need to remember the loyal souls who believed enough in our country and the people who live here to fulfill their duty.

So I can only say a heartfelt THANK YOU – your sacrifice and service will never be forgotten as long as there is one American whose eyes still get misty when they see the flag and whose voice still raises at the first note of the National Anthem.  I will never forget you.

Remember the fallen.  Freedom is not free.

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