Why you need to be at Twestival Philly

This is Red Stapler’s second year as a sponsor and co-organizer of Twestival Philly and we could not be prouder or more humbled to be a part of this amazing event.

Twestival is a global charity event.  200+ cities all holding unique events in the same 24 hour period raising money for the same charity, Concern Worldwide.  From Philly’s Search for Concern – a bar crawl and scavenger hunt through historic Old City to the black tie affairs happening in other cities, everyone is gathering to take our online connections into offline meetings to make a difference in the world.   Every penny raised goes directly to the charity, every event is run by volunteers, every prize, venue or item needed to run the event is donated.   City organizers are charged with one mission and a few rules – Raise as much money as possible for the charity while spending no money and using only volunteers.   As you can imagine that is not as easy.  What it is, however, is fun and rewarding.

2009’s Twestival event raised $250,000 for charity:water.  We are trying to raise that much or more for Concern Worldwide.  We want to support them in their efforts to educate and improve the lives of the world’s most impoverished and disadvantaged children.

So why do you need to be there?

  • Because you have been blessed to live in this country and to have received an education.
  • Because you know that every little bit makes a difference in the life of a child.
  • Because you believe that we can make a better world one small step at a time.
  • Because the $20 ticket price is probably less than you spend on beer at a normal happy hour.
  • Because you like getting to see all your online peeps face to face.
  • Because you like to have fun and win prizes.
  • Because you are just a good person and like to do fun things that help others.

So get your tickets now!

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