Have we forgotten 9/11?

I think we have.  In my opinion, the number of people complaining about the TSA, full body scans and pat downs apparently have.

Yes, the scans are uncomfortably revealing.  It is inconvenient to have to take off our shoes, take out our electronics, empty our pockets and reduce our liquids to small amounts.  No, it is not fun and feels a bit invasive to be patted down.

That is the point!  How else do you expect them to be able to identify potentially harmful substances or objects and keep them from getting on the plane. You will be a whole hell of lot more uncomfortable, inconvenienced or feel violated when someone blows up the plane or takes it hostage and crashes it into a building.

It sucks but it is the reality of our world today.  It also infuriates me that the people complaining today are likely to be among the first one starting an uproar that not enough was done to protect us when something bad happens.  Grow up and realize that sometimes we have to make sacrifices for safety.

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