What’s in a dream?

I have always been fascinated by dream interpretation.  Off and on through the years, I have kept dream diaries, but it has been a long time since I have had a dream so vivid and so impactful that I was able to remember almost every aspect of it.  I had one of those last night.  Even several hours later,  I can still picture parts of this dream in my mind.   I have looked up several of the most vivid images and they all seem very contradictory.  Maybe the contradiction is the overall message of my dream. It is always hard to know.  So what would you make of this one?

I am in a house that feels like it is mine, but it does not look anything like any house I have lived in.  It is empty of furniture.  Sometimes I am in a downstairs basement with a sliding door, but the kitchen is there too.  It is full of people.  It feels like I know some of the people but I do not know others and I do not recognize any of them.  Indications are that my ex-husband (my sons’ father), sons and current boyfriend are there, but I do not ever actually see them.There are loudspeaker announcements in the background of an evacuation.  It is the military and they alternately say anyone not voluntarily evacuating will be either arrested and put in a military jail or taken to the hospital.I am desperately trying to get the people in my house to evacuate.  Sometimes yelling at them that they will go to jail if they do not leave and that it is military jail, not regular jail & it will be worse.While trying to get everyone to leave, I find a tiny puppy – gray and white, maybe a beagle or a basset hound.  Very cute & sweet.  My boyfriend (or at least it feels like it is my boyfriend, I never really see him) and I decide that the puppy has to come with us.

I finally get everyone to leave.  I am alone in the house and ready to leave, but I decide I have to get some food for the puppy before I leave.
I pull out a bag of dog food and pour it into a bowl and it is full of little black bugs.  I dump the bowl into the trash and shove the bag into the trash.  Just as I am doing this, sirens start blaring.

I know I need to run, but I see jackets that belong to my loved ones on the back of a dining room chair.  I grab those and am getting ready to walk up stairs to leave when I feel an explosion and see a mushroom cloud billowing up.  (the front walls are gone so I can see this, then the walls come back) I am trying to think of a place to run to and hide.

I go towards the basement door (even though it feels like I am already downstairs in a basement/family room area), but there is a fire moving through the house.  I run for the stairs to go up, but the fire is there also.  I know I can not go outside, even though the sliding doors are right there.   I sit down on the floor with my knees pulled up to me next the sliding doors as the fire is advancing towards me with a firm knowledge that I am going to burn to death.

Then I wake up.

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