I wish I could adequately describe the feeling of mentoring at an event like Lean Startup Machine,  Startup Weekend or the TechGirlz Entrepreneur Summer Camp.  It is exhilarating, inspirational, motivating and exhausting all rolled into one and so much more.  At the end of these weekends I am physically exhausted and mentally charged up.  Sleep does not come easy, not only because of the long hours, but because the dedicated men and women who attend, run, mentor and speak at these events instill a sense of wonder, inquisitiveness and focus that makes it difficult to quiet my mind.

Being a part of these events is such an amazing experience! Every woman and man who attends comes with such passion and dedication. They immerse themselves into the experience, often hoping to just come out of it better at what they do and to learn something, to meet others who are as passionate about finding ways to run and grow better businesses, be better leaders and build stronger communities.  They inspire me and motivate me Every Single Time.  Watching them work through the process and learn, seeing the lightbulb moments, watching them turn “failures” and disappointments into learning opportunities to make the next iteration better and more efficient — how much more can you ask for in the way of motivation?Fail Fast

The question is then… what next?  What do I do with that motivation?  How do I take what I learn from each of them, the inspiration they give, the focus they prompt and use it to help others?  How do I ensure that the motivation is not wasted, not squandered?  How do I do it?  Sign up to mentor at another one. Encourage others to attend.  Pay it forward…

What do you do with your motivation?

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