Celebrating Mother’s Day

This is not your typical hearts and flowers and sappy poetry Mother’s Day post.  This is MY celebration of being a Mother.  It is a message to my sons.



Thank you for being my greatest gifts and the greatest gifts I have given to the world.

Thank you for always being yourselves.  Whether it was while you were always moving, always talking toddlers or the kind, compassionate, inquisitive young men you have become, I am constantly amazed by you and could not be prouder to be your mother.  I consider it an honor and a privilege to be your Mom.

I am celebrating this Mother’s Day by sharing some words of advice as you continue to grow into amazing men.  You have heard most of these, in one way or another, most of your lives, but on this Mother’s Day, my gift to you is to share them again.

  • Don’t wait for someone/something to make you happy.  Happiness can be found in every moment – good or bad – it is all in your desire to see it.
  • Always look for the silver lining – be realistic, but be open to the good and joy found everywhere.
  • Do your best.  Sometimes it will be perfect, sometimes just good enough, sometimes not.  The only thing that matters is that it is your best.
  • Know your limits, then ignore them.
  • Listen to what others have to say, consider it, but only keep the things that ring truest to you.
  • Behave in ways that allow you to sleep at night and look yourself in the mirror.  Sometimes this will mean making hard choices.
  • Seize every moment.  Especially those moments that allow you to be kind, helpful, thoughtful, compassionate and tolerant.  Tomorrow is not promised, so seize today.
  • Count your blessings – Every Day.  It is easy to get lost in the struggles. Make sure you take time to remember and relish the good things too.
  • Life is not fair.  Do not expect it to be. Be prepared to roll with whatever life brings your way.
  • Be cautious, not anxious.  Be adventurous, not reckless. Be brave. Always be brave.
  • Feel fear, but do it anyway.
  • A well-lived life will be full of ups, downs, twists and turns.  Throw your hands in the air, laugh, scream and enjoy the ride.
  • There is a time and place in life for every emotion.  Feel them fully. Express them.  Laugh, smile, cry, be angry and feel sadness.
  • Live a full life.  Experience as much as possible.  Find a way to learn and grow every day.
  • Forgive, always and quickly. Especially yourself.
  • Listen to your head, but follow your heart.

And the best advice I can give you –

Love – deeply, truly, often and always. 


Photo by Alexander


And one last thing to remember.  You do not have to be a parent to love, guide and care for a child.  There will be children who come through your life, some for moments, some for a lifetime, remember always that the example you give, the caring you show, the wisdom you share will mean more then you may ever know.   Parents are not just those who biologically give life to a child.  Parents are the caring, loving people who choose to be a positive force in a child’s life.  I will always be eternally grateful for the multitudes of “parents” who helped raise you and guide you into the wonderful adults you have become.   Don’t forget to also acknowledge and say Thank You to them this Mother’s Day.   I love you!