Hiring Gloria

I am currently accepting new speaking engagements and consulting and/or training projects.

Speaking – 

I work with your organization to develop a custom presentation for your specific audience.  Whether your group is as small as five or as large as 500+, I am happy to share knowledge and expertise on topics that range from social media strategy for businesses and non-profits to online networking for a job search and many others. There is one absolute constant in all of my presentations – attendees will walk away with actionable knowledge they can immediately apply.

Training – 

Utilizing an extensive background in effective training, I can provide both one-on-one and group training in how to utilize social media personally and professionally.  I work with each person to make sure they understand the social media landscape and how to navigate it with the fewest pitfalls.

Consulting –

I offer a wide variety of social media and digital strategy consulting services, including but not limited to –

Discovery – Working with you to evaluate your current digital presence and determine what is working, what’s not and how to get your company real results from your digital marketing efforts

Integrated Digital Strategy – Want your website, email marketing, social media accounts, offline marketing, sales and customer service to all work together? She’ll write you the plan that makes that happen.

Social Media Strategy – Have a social media presence and want to get more out of it? Not sure how to get into social or which tools to use?  I have a method that will help you figure it out and will provide you with an implementable strategy.

Social Media Policy and Process Development – Not sure where to start with developing a social media policy or process for your business or non-profit?  I help you figure out not only what you need, but how to incorporate the values that mean the most to you and the process that makes the most sense for you.

To learn more about availability and/or rates, complete the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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