The Social Happy Hour with Jeff Gibbard

I was honored to be the first guest on Jeff Gibbard and True Voice Media‘s newest web series – The Social Happy Hour.

An hour on Periscope of Jeff having cocktails and talking social media with some really smart, funny, insightful people. Join them live on Periscope or catch up later at 

You Know You Want to Work With Me

The really observant of you may have noticed that there is a new section over there on the left side bar titled Hiring Gloria.

Yes – I am “back on the market”.  Now that the family obligations that have kept me so busy the last year are winding down, I am looking to take on more speaking/training engagements and consulting projects. Know of a job that would challenge me and allows me to use my full skill set to make a real impact on a company’s bottom line and growth? Let’s talk about it.

Take a moment when you are done reading this and wander over to take a look at my bio in the About Gloria Bell section and the information about hiring me for speaking, training or consulting in the Hiring Gloria section to learn more.

So why  would you want to work with me?

It is pretty simple – I am about building bottom lines.  Every action we take and every element of strategy I recommend is tied directly to the business objectives that You have identified as most important.

I believe in holistic digital marketing.  My speciality may be social media, but I am going to work with you to make sure your entire digital presence is working together.  My mission is to help you and your business get the attention you need to grow and to make sure that you understand the social media landscape and can navigate it effectively while avoiding as many pitfalls as possible.

The best social media strategy, email marketing strategy or website will only get you so far if it does not all work together.  I help you fit the puzzle pieces of your digital presence, your offline marketing, your customerBell Digital Strategies  service and your business development and sales together to build an integrated marketing strategy that achieves your business goals.  Together we evaluate your entire digital footprint and your business processes to figure out what works, what needs tweaked and what needs to be added.  Rather than just turning over a pretty strategy document and walking away, I work with you to develop and implement the most effective strategy to maximize your online presence and make sure it and your internal operations are working like a well-oiled machine delivering the best results possible.

I don’t consider myself  just a digital marketer or a social media strategist or a business process specialist.  I strive to be a business builder. 

My newest passion and current consulting focus is on assisting companies to truly maximize the effectiveness of their digital presence by analyzing and evaluating business processes to ensure that no gaps exist that would hinder meeting the goals and objectives their social media presence seeks to fulfill.  Yeah, even saying it is a mouthful, can you imagine tackling it without the experience and expertise of someone who knows both the social media and the business operations worlds?  Most business owners are great at one or the other but there are not many who can manage both which is why I am so excited to be concentrating in this area.  Watch for more blog posts talking about the necessity of this focus coming soon.

Want to know a little more about me? -Scroll through some of my prior blog posts or wander over to Twitter or LinkedIn and take a peek.

Have a speaking engagement, project or job that you think I am fit for?  Let’s chat!

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What do I work on first?

In both my consulting business and from friends, I get a lot of questions similar to this one…
“I came up with a list of 14 possible projects to work on yesterday but now I need to narrow them down to ones that will, well, work.  When you have a list of projects, is there some equation you use to determine the priority?”
Although the process of prioritization comes naturally to some, it can still be a time waster for many.   We can get so wrapped up in setting priorities and writing lists that we fail to take action and move forward with completing the things on the list.  Since I can be as guilty of this as anyone, I work with a simple structure to prioritize those things on my to-do list. 
1) Deadlines – obviously the soonest deadline gets the first attention
But for those items when deadlines are not a factor –
2) Try to alternate easy/short projects with a longer/harder projects. By allowing yourself time to do projects that you can complete in a shorter period of time you are consistently rewarding yourself with the feeling of finishing something.  This feeling of accomplishment and completion are crucial to maintaining motivation when your to-do list is long and/or complex.
3) Try and determine which of the 2 or 4 projects you will enjoy doing the most. Put 1 or 2 of them at the top of the list and 1 or 2 of them at the bottom.  You get to start with something you enjoy and have something else you will enjoy towards the end.   It is the ages old carrot – stick method of motivation.  Start with something you enjoy to motivate you and get your creative juices flowing and then accomplish other things by knowing there is a fun reward at the end.
So those are my tips on how to prioritize.  How do you prioritize that never-ending to-do list?