Every Woman Should

Reprinting an oldie but a goodie from my archives mainly because I need to be reminded of these things right about now.  I do not remember where I heard this the first time, so if anyone knows who wrote it, please speak up.


A set of screwdrivers

A cordless drill and

A black lace bra


One friend who always make her laugh

And one who lets her cry


A good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her family


Eight matching plates,

Wine glasses with stems

And a recipe for a meal that will make her guests feel honored


A feeling of control over her destiny


How to fall in love … without losing herself


When to try harder … And When to Walk Away


How to quit a job

Break up with a lover

And confront a friend without ruining the friendship


That she can’t change…

The length of her calves

The width of her hips or

The nature of her parents…


That her childhood may not have been perfect but it is over


What she Would and Wouldn’t Do for love or more


How to live alone, even if she Doesn’t like it


Whom she can trust

Whom she can’t and

Why she shouldn’t take it personally


Where to go…

Be it her best friend’s kitchen table

Or a charming inn in the woods

When her soul needs soothing


What she can and can’t accomplish

In a day

In a month

And in a year…

Books Can Change Your Life

I  am a voracious reader. Yes, I said voracious.  I have an unquenchable appetite for the written word and am usually reading 3 – 5 books at a time.  Some of them are business related, some insightful, some great literature and some of them are just good thought-wandering pulp fiction.  I wish I could describe how I choose a book – what it is about the title, the cover, the story – that draws me to them, but it is just a feeling, just an unspoken pull that says “you need to open these pages and see what they have to share with you…”

Books have always been a constant friend and the ultimate escape.  The ones that took me from boardroom lessons to foreign shores and everywhere in between.  Books are a part of what made me who I am. Lessons learned and stories absorbed from their pages helped mold not only my personality but my curiosity about the world.   Then there are the books that change your life…

There have been a lot of books that had a profound effect on me, many of them, but there have been three, and one very new addition, that struck such a cord in me that they changed the course of my life.

IMG_2072The Bible — I don’t care what religion you are, or are not, everyone should read the Bible cover to cover at least once.   Not only is the basis of one of the largest religions in the world, but it is full of lilting prose, majestic stories, unforgettable characters and ethical lessons of how to treat your fellow man that should be learned by everyone.  Whether you choose to accept it as the Word of God or not, you will not have a true understanding of the world without reading it at least once.  I would say this also goes for the rest of holy books of the world’s major religions.  I have the Torah and the Koran and the words of Buddha scheduled as part of my “required” reading for this year.

Radical Careering by Sally Hogshead  – A very dear friend gave me this book 9 years ago and it literally changed the course of my life.  The words in this book sung to the entrepreneurial spirit in me and prompted me to take the leap from 25+ year, very stable, very successful career to radicalcareeringworking for myself. The simple to follow insights led me to questions about what I really wanted from the activities that were going to fund my life.  It was the both the scariest and best move I ever made.  It would not have happened had I not read this book.



amazing thingsAmazing Things Will Happen by C.C. Chapman –  We all have moments when we are unsure, when we are scared, when we are convinced that nothing is going to work out.  I was at that point when C.C. published this book.  I will be honest and admit that I originally ordered the book and planned to read it because I respect and admire C.C. and consider him a friend.  Then I opened the book and began to read… All of a sudden all of the uncertainty that had been swirling in my  head and heart began to settle.  C.C.’s words reminded me that what I was feeling was natural and that if I just took the time to look at them and then work through it, that amazing things would happen.  Not only was it an inspirational book, it was actionable.  It gave me step by step what I need to figure out how to keep amazing things happening my life and to quiet the voices that tell me that they can’t happen.

All three of these books are well-worn. I am on my 5th new Bible.  I have actually gone through 2 copies of Amazing Things Will Happen and am on my 6th copy of Radical Careering.  I wore out the previous copies.  I have given these books as gifts more times then I can count.

A new book has recently been added to this list – Seth Godin’s  What To Do When Its Your Turn. godinbook
The visual style of the book is stunning and the words profound.  Reading it I realized how often I still “wait” to take my turn.  How often I still wait for permission.  No more!  Another twist in the path of life, but one that heads to a better destination.



This is by far, not an exhaustive list of the books that have had an impact on me.  It is a list of the ones that have had a more then profound impact on the direction of my life.

So what are YOUR life changing books?

10 Tips to Overnight Success

In 2008, Gil Beyda gave a talk at the Philly Startup Leaders Founder Factory on the 10 tips to overnight success that took him 35 years to learn.  They are great reminders of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

I often refer back to Gil’s 10 tips when I feel like I am wandering off the path or need that little kick in the rear.   I hope Gil doesn’t mind me re-sharing them.   If you want more explanations of each of them, you are going to have to go hear Gil speak somewhere. Do it if you can.  It is a great experience.

Here is to hoping these 10 tips help you as much as they have helped me.  Cheers to your “overnight success”

#10 – Entrepreneurs sell

# 9 – Know yourself

# 8 – Don’t drink your own kool-aid

# 7 – Be an expert in something

# 6 – Your spouse/significant other is your first partner

# 5 – You’ll make a lot of mistakes

# 4 – Be nimble

# 3 – Freedom to Fail

# 2 – Be an idea machine

# 1 – Get Lucky