Ok, you can call me un-American….

And I know that many of you will.  Baseball is so ingrained in our culture as "America's sport" that what I am about to say will upset someone, probably a lot of someones, I am sure of that. I apologize in advance and kindly, with a smile, remind you of the 1st Amendment.

I want this to be clearly understood, I respect our government.  I consider myself a very patriotic American. I cry at the sight of the flag, the sound of the National Anthem or a soldier in uniform.  I may not always agree with our government and I definitely don't believe that it is flawless, but I firmly believe that we have the best system in the world.   But seriously folks…..

What is Congress doing with these hearings into steroids in baseball? I get that it is a problem.  I get that there are people who may have lied and cheated their way into record books, fame and fortune.  I get that some of the substances that are alleged to have been used may be illegal.  I also understand that there are business implications.
But I am infuriated by the waste of time, energy and resources to have multiple members of Congress, their aides, court reporters, security, all the trappings and expense of Congressional hearings being spent on an issue that centers around a kids' game.   Now I love baseball and I am just as distressed as anyone else by hearing that some of my heroes, my sons' heroes may have found ways to enhance their performance, essentially cheating their way into our hearts.  But the reality is, there are issues that are so much larger, so much more urgent, so much more important – the war, poverty, education, healthcare.  Pick one or any one of dozens of others.  They all warrant the full attention of our legislators.  So why are our legislators spending all of this time and money looking for answers that they are not likely to find.  Even if those answers are found, what will come of them?  How likely is it that there will be any true repercussions other than embarrassment for anyone who was involved?  A perfect example, is anyone naive enough to really believe the owners and managers were unaware?  That they could sit back and watch the physical and performance changes in their players and not at least suspect something.  Why are they not being held more accountable?  To be honest, I don't care.  If these grown up little boys have chosen to ruin their lives and their bodies with these foolish decisions, whatever the consequences are, they deserve them. 

I do have a problem with these athletes and the amount of influence they have had on our youth. The impression they are instilling that it is ok to go to any lengths to be better than anyone else.  My hope is that somewhere in all of the face-time with the press and the finger-wagging that this is the message our Congressmen are trying to send.  But there are better ways.  Hey baseball owners, step up, take responsibility for your part in this.  If you were to make the right gesture, the right step to fixing this situation, maybe our legislators could get back to their real jobs.

Oh, and owners and players, if you want some suggestions.  Take some from the mom of 2 boys.   How about all of you putting together a fund, a substantial fund out of all of those ridiculous profits and salaries, to start better education and outreach programs.  Get public service announcements out there, get some of the players, good & bad into the schools, in front of these kids with the realities of what this poison can do to their lives.  Put some pop-up ads on their video games – get in their face.  Just "step up to the plate" and start making a difference.  Turn this very negative situation into something positive. 

And maybe, just maybe, if you are really serious about fixing your internal problems, they won't have to be addressed externally.  Then I can have my government back.  Back doing the things that matter, the things they were elected to do.  Because I know, I didn't elect them to pay more attention to a bunch of baseball players than to the our soldiers, our kids and our poor.

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