A whole other side of me

Yep, exactly what the title says. I’m going to expose a whole other side to me.  I am a woman (yes, I know you all know that – or at least I hope you do!).  I am a passionate, caring, sensual woman.  I believe in the beauty and power of sex. Yes, I really did say that  – I believe in the beauty and power of sex.  The power to bring two people close, the power to enhance and strengthen our bonds through the sharing of intimacy.   I believe in using the power of our sensuality to relieve stress and to center ourselves.  There are few things better than a really good orgasm to get me focused, centered and to put me in touch with the strength and power that is my femininity.

So add that to the fact that I am a bit of a geek, who loves gadgets,  it should not surprise you that I am a firm believer in the use of sex toys – alone or with my partner.  A high quality, imaginative sex toy can add a different dimension to either solo or partner play.  Whether it is sexy lingerie, massage oil, a simple vibrator, a new lubricant or something a bit more adventurous, I’ve found that the intrigue and diversity can help you discover not only new heights of pleasure, but new pathways to understanding and intimacy between you and your partner.

I was so excited when my friend Cecily accepted a position working for EdenFantasys.com.  Cecily is a very talented writer who is helping bring Eden Fantasy’s message to a whole new audience.  Intrigued by the new company Cecily is working with, I did some exploring on their website.  And was I impressed!  The site is professional, clean, easy to navigate and full of wonderful toys, lingerie, candles, DVD’s, oils and ideas.   They sell quality products at competitive prices.  I especially loved the Adult Toy Guides which give the novice or experienced user reviews and advice on different types or uses for their sex toys.  All in all, it’s a great site and I can’t wait to order some of their products!

Best part – you, my lucky readers, get a chance to order something from them too!  EdenFantasys.com has given me a $50 gift certificate to give away to one of my readers!   All you have to do to be entered to win is to leave a comment on this post.  Peruse the EdenFantasys.com site and send me a link to a product you like, own, would like to own or that intrigues you and a few words about why.  The most imaginative story (as judged by me!) will win the $50 gift certificate.  Looking forward to your insights!


  1. This is a beautifully written piece that I just read.. Now I know and feel the same way. I like everything about it and want to discover the wonders written within. Intriguing and fantastic. Good timing! I love gadgets, especially the ones from Japan. Magic wand? Hitachi makes more than just toasters and radios! wb


  2. the lelo “ina” is particularly delicious. I image a luncheon with fantastic champagne, raw fish and a fine lunch companion. Discovery begets lust and passion brings hunger. I’m starving. the design element trumps the pleasure element, although that isn’t so bad either from afar. I’m aroused just thinking of the benefits of a friend from afar. The crunch of tobiko flying fish eggs and salmon skin wrapped tightly inside nori seaweed shells. Like finding the most beautiful dream and living it too. That is most arousing. I adore the thought of new toys to see where they take the uninhibited and the imaginative personality. Fatty toro, seared then supped, freshly scraped wasabi, smeared on hamachi sliced thinly, then rolled with chopped cucumber. More champagne!


  3. I know a perfect bottle of small producer juice. crimson red like the inside of the bluefin tuna, delicate bubbles that raise the ardor and sate the mind. hunks of silky tofu, dripping with salty dark soy, simple and perfect. Holding an oyster to my mouth, tasting it alive and unable to flee, chewing and swallowing the liquor that spills from within. tasting the ocean and wanting more. the scent of the Atlantic and feelings that well up in the mind, body and soul.


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