Why women primp

Why women primp -  an age old question that really seems to have no answer.  There is something innate in us that makes us want to look pretty, be attractive.  Although we may not admit it, we all do it.  That's why the cosmetic and beauty care industry is one of the largest in the world. 
Is it right or wrong?  There is no correct answer to that question.  I think that what is important is why we do it.  Waht are our motivations to have the perfect haircut, impeccable makeup, pedicures, manicures, waxing of all different types and at least a little bit of a tan?    This line of questions ran through my mind as my legs are being twisted into different positions to allow my waxer access.   Why do we do this?  I will admit, I am a primper.  I have my favorite salon/spa for the great haircut and color (thanks Meredith!), manicurist, pedicurist, esthetician for my facials and waxing.  My favorite cosmetics (MAC) and hair products (Dirt by Jonathan Antin).  I don't consider myself a fanatic and my bathroom is not overflowing, but I do enjoy feeling good because I look good. 
So what are my motivations?  Probably the same as any other woman.  We like other people to see us as attractive.  It allows us to present the image we have of ourselves, or more accurately the image we would like to have, to the rest of the world.  We do it for lovers and husbands.  Because we need to be the mom that looks the best on the soccer sidelines, because we think our appearance is a factor in our success in the workplace.  And for the best reason of all, to make ourselves feel good. 
So go ahead girls, there is nothing wrong with being a primper, as long we we are not expecting the results to change our lives and are not willing to go to extremes (read, bathroom full of products & cosmetics) hoping to create those changes.
I like that I can put on a little mascara and a smile and feel comfortable going out in public.  But, I also really like the way I feel when I pull out the hair product, take a little time to add the blush and eyeshadow to the mascara, when I am shaved, waxed, manicured and pedicured.  (There is something about looking down at pretty red toes that can just make you smile.)    Combine that with some pretty underwear or lingerie and
So, just for me, I will continue to do so.   My toes and nails will be painted, there will be at least mascara on my eyelashes, a little bit of glow to my skin, legs and underarms shaved and wax applied to parts of my body that only a special someone will ever get to see.   Add a big smile to all of that and it's a perfect package.

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