Things I need more of…

How often do you stop and think of the things you need more of in your life?  Whether it is the little things or the big things, we so often fail to think about the things that enrich our lives and make us uniquely who we are.  So I have decided that in 2011 I am going to have more of the things I need in my life.  Things like…



dancing with wild abandon  

catch up talks with my sons

time with friends that does not involve something work related

time with myself

work I love instead of work I do because  I need the money

long walks alone & with a special someone holding my hand



taking pictures


making time to read for fun



I could probably add 100 other things to this list, but if I am going to have any of them, better to start small and surprise myself with my successes.  So what are the things you need more of?  How can I help you get them?


  1. Hi Gloria,
    This post really struck me. The other night we had a conversation on Twitter about feeling guilty at night when we aren’t working. It is that time that I hope to reclaim, along with other important moments. I work my tail off, I don’t need to feel guilt when I am not working, I need to cherish every moment I can doing the things that inspire me. Thanks for this post. it inspired me to write one on my personal blog. Here is the link,
    Feel free to delete the link from this comment.


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